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Research Associate at Institute of Management Sciences

Mohsin has outstanding ideas and concepts on enterprise application designing and has strong foundations for the architectural patterns possible with latest tools and technologies. He is a highly motivated person and always works with a clear focus.

Information Management Officer at United Nations OCHA


Mohsin has remarkable programming skills, in addition to that has superb control on providing accounts and finance solutions. He is very consistent, quick learner. Always completes his tasks before the deadlines. Is very good at team work.

Mir Nauman Tahir
United Nations OCHA

System Admin at

Mohsin has God gifted programming skills and was tremendous about ERP technologies like OpenERP. He has got excellent financial skills and has utilized his abilities in managerial activities as well.

I strongly recommend him and wish him best of luck.

Toqeer Ali

Graduate Assistant at Unversiti Kuala Lumpur

Mohsin Yasin is an excellent software programmer with an ample amount of knowledge in the financial domain. He is a quick learner, extremely organized and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner. He is a good team player and has leadership qualities as well.

Coordinator HRDC at Institte of Management Sciences


Mohsin provide services in survey based project of third-party in form of software development and strong statistical reporting in openerp. He has very strong understanding in statistical reporting. I recommend him for best professional career and my team is very happy to work with him in future.

Senior Developer OpenERP at Institute of Management Sciences


I would like to express my esteem and appreciation for this brilliant person, who brought outstanding contribution, being a System analyst. Since the beginning of our collaboration I know him, he has problem-solving and analytical skills. He is accurate and efficient in Campus and Financial Management System. I passionately recommend Mr. Mohsin as a promising candidate.

Developer at Institute of Management Sciences


I would like to apperiatcte Mr. Mohsin as he is performing beyond the expextations as System Analyst and team lead, good communication skills, convicing and influential person,knows the art how to get things done within fixed time constraints.

Lecturer at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology


Mr. Mohsin is a best target hitter. He believes in hard work and puts all his efforts to achieve a goal. Being a colleague at Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences), I worked with him in the capacity of Grants Consultant for developing Grants Module of Institute ERP. I found him technically sound, very sharp, fond of meeting deadlines and too cooperative. No doubt he would be an asset for any type of organization at any level

CEO – DevBatch


Mohsin Yasin is one of the most distinguished professional I have met. His technical abilities are unmatched and he proved it vehemently on this project for us. He proved the notion “nothing is impossible” correct for a software project once more.
Mohsin, you are doing good job with this blog as a service to community. Hope we will continue to work on many more projects in future. Good luck.

Waqas Pitafi

Assistant Professor at Institute of Management Sciences


Mohsin Yasin is a dedicated and self motivated professional. He provide his professional in IMSciences on different project including IMSciences Campus Management System (CMS). He served as team lead and analyst. He does his job with full spirit and helps his team to groom. I will recommend him as a team lead for any IT management or development job and wish him all the best.


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